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    Press Corporation plc donates to Chikwawa flood victims


    Mwadiwa (left) presents a blanket to one of the flood victims in Chikwawa on Saturday

    Conglomerate Press Corporation plc at the weekend donated various items worth K10 million to victims of Cyclone ANA storm in the lower shire in Chikwawa.

    Speaking at Chidyamanga Camp in Traditional authority Ngabu, Press Corporation plc Board Chairman Randson Mwadiwa said the conglomerate decided to help the victims to lessen the pain that the people are going through because of the floods.

    “We know that this is not enough but at least somewhere to start from. We also need to thank God for sparing your lives during this incident. But let me plead with those distributing these items to be fair and that there should not be violence when distributing the items,” said Mwadiwa who was accompanied by fellow board member Gibson Ngalamira and Acting Group Chief Executive Officer Dr Lyton Chithambo.

    Mwadiwa (left) presents a bag of Soya pieces to an elderly woman in Chikwawa on Saturday

    The items that were donated included 500 blankets, 500 bags of maize flour and 500 bags of soya pieces.

    Chikwawa District Council official Howard Sosola said the floods affected 833 families around the area who are camping at Chidyamanga School and thanked Press Corporation plc for the timely donation.

    “We are grateful for this donation from Press Corporation plc, you are the first organization to come here at this camp and help these people. We would like to ask other organizations and people to emulate what you have done today,” said Sosola.

    One of the victims Patricia Lennex also thanked Press Corporation plc for the donation saying she lost all her property during the storm.

    “We need all the help we can get, we lost everything,” said Lennex.

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