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    Illovo Plc Pledges Continued Support to Cyclone Ana Victims


    Leading sugar manufacturer in the country, Illovo Sugar Malawi Plc has said it is committed to reach out to people affected by Cyclone Ana in the lowershire.

    The Cyclone Ana has greatly impacted the Lower Shire region bringing severe hardships to the many thousands of local inhabitants, including Illovo employees. 

    Illovo Sugar Plc expressed the commitment in a statement made available to the publication.

    “As a company, we have reacted quickly to our surrounding communities in distress who are facing devastating impacts.

    “we remain in close contact with all of the traditional and other leaders in the Nchalo District and will continue to work directly with them, their structures, as well as locally-based NGO’s and government agencies to bring relief to this region” reads the statement in part

    Illovo has so far donated tents to the flood victims, refurbished a maize mill to enable communities to continue processing maize for food, set up the continuing supply of potable (drinking) water among others.

    Illovo Malawi is one of the country’s largest single private-sector employer providing direct employment for 9 000 people permanent, seasonal and casual employees and an additional 5 000 direct and indirect contractors creating a total of 14 000 jobs.

    Illovo is also a major contributor to the Malawian tax authorities through direct and indirect taxes. It generates valuable foreign exchange through export sugar sales.

    Many local industries are dependent upon Illovo for their viability and the employment created by these businesses provides an income base for many more families than are directly employed.

    The company further supports an estimated 5 200 smallholder cane farmers through various smallholder schemes.

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