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    HS Winehouse bids farewell to two patrons


    Kita (third right) and Olera (left) poses with some patrons during the party

    An uptown and trendy entertainment joint in Blantyre, HS Winehouse on Friday organized a farewell party for two of its patrons who are leaving town.

    The two are former Sunbird Tourism Chief Executive Officer Yusuf Olera who is relocating to Uganda and an IT engineer Walusungu Kita popularly known as ‘Walu’ who will now be based in Lilongwe.

    The two patrons have been regular patrons of the joint for many years and management of HS Winehouse together with some patrons contributed cash to give a rousing sendoff of the two patrons.

    Speaking on behalf of the patrons, Chairperson of HS Winehouse patrons Alijeao Nyemera thanked Olera and Kita for the time they spent at the joint describing them as ‘loyal patrons’.

    Walu (second right) and Olera (left) poses with Nyemera (third right) and other patrons during the party

    “HS Winehouse is a family and today we are bidding farewell to two family members who have been with us for many years. It was fun to interact with Yusuf and Walu and the networking has been wonderful to all other patrons.

    “We wish them all the best in their endeavors but I urge them that whenever they are back in Blantyre, they will be happily welcomed to their ‘home’ here at HS Winehouse,” said Nyemera.

    One of the co-directors of HS Winehouse Gerald Tasaukadala said they decided to match the contributions made by the patrons for the party to make the event bigger.

    “We really appreciate the support that we get from our patrons and that is why we matched what they had contributed to give our brothers a lovely send off.

    HS Winehouse is a place where members interact and network to uplift their personal and business status and we will continue offering the best to our patrons who regard this place as their second home,” said Tasaukadala.

    Kita said in an interview that HS Winehouse was like his second home after starting patronizing the place way back in 2019.

    “I have made several friends at Winehouse that turned out to be my brothers and sisters. Leaving a place where you have had strangers who turned out to be brothers and sisters is hard but drinking at Winehouse with friends has made every moment memorable and felt like one happy family.”

    “Now that I am leaving to start a new life in Lilongwe, I have to look for new partners in crime and a new drinking place like Winehouse which to me seems like starting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I will miss the place, the drinks, the food, the jokes and every patron here,” said Walu.

    On his part, Olera, a Kenyan, said he has always been impressed with the operating model of HS Winehouse saying the joint provides patrons what they are looking for.

    “I will have fond memories of HS Winehouse and its patrons and it is an honour that they organized a farewell party for us,” said Olera.

    The patrons were treated to a cocktail of beverages, sizzling food and music.

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