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    Malawi’s Kombucha Juice Manufacturer Dismisses Social Media Photos…We Have Modern, Standard Equipment


    Leading Manufacturer of health drinks Kombucha juice and ginger, Nutricom Food and Beverages has dismissed trending pictures of Kombucha factory making rounds in various social media platforms.

    In an interview with Malawi Voice on Saturday one of the officials from the company said the pictures which are being shared on facebook and WhatsApp platforms are not from its company, adding that ‘Nutricom and Food Beverages follows all health guidelines’.

    A surprise visit at the factory’s headquarters at Njewa in Lilongwe revealed that the company has modern and standard equipment contrary to what is being shared on social media.

    The official went on to say Nutricom Food and Beverages’ Kombucha juice and other products from the are duly certified by the Malawi Bureau Standards (MBS).

    According to an investigation by Malawi Voice, the photos which are circulating are from a Zambian Company which has since been closed by the Zambian authority.

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