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    EXCLUSIVE: Caixa Bank yet to pay MS & Juba Group International billions for protecting rhinos in Mozambique…four years later


    Leaked letter from the bank

    MS & Juba Group International, a registered company in Mozambique with high skilled training Pilot that is currently in South Africa, a company which was contracted to protect Rhinos in Mozambique has raised an alarm after its payment got stuck in Caixa Bank in Spain an amount to be disclosed soon.

    Since June 2019, the company has been waiting for payment which the Mozambican government channeled to Millennium Bank in Portugal and its humanitarian funds to help the country stop porches of killing the animals.

    However, from the Millennium Bank, the funds were channelled to Caixa Bank in Spain which are taking abit longer to be transferred to the company’s account.

    The funds need special clearance due to the fact that there are tax implications and also waiting for court ruling on the tax reduction request done by the owners of the company.

    Maria De Sousa the lady that was appointed by the company to help with this process committed the following

    “That money was to be paid longtime ago, but up to now we are yet to get any penny, a situation which has affected our business hugely,” she said.

    The amount is more than $ONE Billion that would help this project.

    The money is for salaries, equipment, operational cost and many more.

    According to our sources, the company’s director Martins  Antonio and his Partner has been using their own capital to bankroll the project and he has since invested about 2.6 US Dollars.

    Mr De Almeida know as VD had this to say “the company need to comply with all regulations of the bank and funds will be then transferred to the company account. We believe that MS and Juba group is a good client but they must understand that we don’t have any problems to do the payment, all we need is for them to submit their tax for 2021-2023 for the company, Mr António and his partner that is in South Africa. We meet with their legal team many times and they now what to do.

    However, the company was thankful for Mr. Henry Scot for facilitating the project and intrust MS & Juba group international with the opportunity

    The bank promised to do payment when all documents are in place.

    The CEO of the bank refused to comment on this issue and said they will help where they can to make sure all is well.

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