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    COST OF LIVING PROTESTS FLARE; Chakwera Must Resign… Activist Kalindo Declares


    Activist Bonie ‘Bonieeeeee’ Kalindo has called for the immediate resignation of President Chakwera for failing to lead the country based on their “sweet- talk” promises they gave Malawians in 2019 during campaign.

    Kalindo was speaking in Zomba on Thursday 16, 2021 when he delivered petition to the District Commissioner office.

    “When the prices of fuel go up, expect the prices of every basic commodity too go up.  These people continue to raise each and every service and products that matter to human beings and yet they promised us that once voted into power, they will be no connection fees for water and power, almost free passport, one million jobs, among others.

    So as a nation, we are sick and tired with this corrupt leadership and we have come here to demonstrate our frustrations,” said Kalindo, who was member of UTM before he resigned.

    Kalindo says, prices of goods and services have more than tripled under vision-less Chakwera leadership with foreign reserves almost empty that no private business gurus and small and medium business people cannot find forex to import materials from outside.

    “I can challenge you that by next year, most companies will close their doors and expect more redundancies due to poor decisions of President Chakwera and his Vice. We can’t smile at that anymore,”  said Kalindo  adding that this is the most corrupt government ever governed this country.

    Kalindo says Malawians are tired of a government that only sponsors its relatives to work abroad while those who voted for it must be used as a stepping stone for them.

    “Time has come for President Chakwera and his Tonse Alliance government to pack and go. We cannot allow this country to continue operating on “autopilot management.”

    Meanwhile social and faith organizations have taken a swipe at President Chakwera for failing to put cushion measures to alleviate the sufferings of the poor Malawians.

    “We demand that government provide austerity measures that in the short and medium terms will help Malawians from these harsh economic conditions,” said Oliver Nakoma.

    Kalindo has so far made successful demonstrations in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Mangochi and Zomba where thousands upon thousands of people patronized to show their anger to President Chakwera a midst deepening socioeconomic crisis.

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