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    TNM upgrades Mpamba Menu! Introduces new and simple menu easy to use…


    JONAZI: At TNM we take customers’ feedback seriously

    Blantyre, January 24, 2024 – Pioneer mobile network company of Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) has revised its menu on Mpamba mobile money to simplify accessibility and customer transactions on the platform.

    TNM’s Head of Brand and Marketing Madalitso Jonazi says this is a response to feedback by its customers on how we can enhance their experience on Mpamba.

    “At TNM we take customers’ feedback seriously and we always put the customer first that is why we have revamped the Mpamba menu. As a way of sustaining convenience on the platform we have revised features on the Mpamba to enhance experience,” said Jonazi.

    The revised features will enable customers to reverse wrong transactions on Mpamba thereby saving time when using the seamless services.  We have also simplified navigating on the menu and made it very user-friendly for our customers.

    “Through the upgrading of Mpamba menu, our customers will be able to make auto-reversals for any wrong transaction, shortened the steps on the menu, made it easy for customers to easily find what they are looking for on the menu, and with just a few clicks they will be done with most of the transactions. We believe this will help in adjusting turnaround time for transactions and offer more convenience,” he said.

    Jonazi indicated that through the Mpamba platform, TNM has managed to foster financial inclusion among Malawians which is a fundamental step towards economic growth.

    “As TNM we are glad that Through the Mpamba platform, we are contributing to this cause by enabling Malawians to easily access and manage their finances regardless of location and time.

    “This is the role we are happy to carry forward while enhancing financial inclusion in the country,” added Jonazi.

    Jonazi also adds that the mobile network company provides reliable and trustworthy services including Mpamba Pasavute, Mpamba Fesa, Mudziwathu Village Bank, Mpamba Debit card and the recently introduced Mpamba Ndikankhe through which Malawians can get an overdraft on Mpamba and bail themselves out of financial emergencies.

    Since its launch in 2013, Mpamba has over the years transformed into a reliable digital mobile money service platform through which customers are able to perform numerous tasks, including money transactions and bill payments.

    For further inquiries;

    Limbani Nsapato,

    Corporate Affairs Manager

    Mobile: 0888893483


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