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    Shocker! Sedomised house keeper rebuff- lawyer Innocent Tempeka over settlement claims



    CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa

    In a dramatic twist of events, Chisoni Jere (not real name) has rebuffed claims made by a private practice lawyer Innocent Tepeka that he was his client and that the matter was settled.

    Soon after the Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) through a press briefing exposed the sickening sexual abuse scandal at Shayona Cement Corporation Kanengo office where assistant manager Jayesh Kumar Dalwad was sexually harassing juniors both males and females, Tepeka stormed a private radio station claiming that he was representing Jere in the matter and that he received compensation.

    This has irked Jere who is challenging Tepeka to tell the nation the truth on the matter. According Jere, he only met Tepeka once during the night in the presence of a lady and another man and was made to sign a document without any explanation and ever since he has never seen him up until now that he is coming out claiming that the matter was settled.

    “After being coerced to sign this document we agreed that I should go to their office the following day to sign an agreement but the way the other two people (the lady and the other man) behaved, gave me the impression that they were setting me up. I therefore, did not go to the office as suggested”

    “He kept on calling me but I wasn’t interested in talking to him anymore, at some point he texted me wondering if at all I have found another lawyer.

    To which I responded no, ever since I never heard from him until now that CDEDI has picked up the matter, ”said Jere.

    He expressed shock over the baseless claims of the closure of the case adding “May the good lawyer tell the nation the truth on the matter?”

    When contacted Tepeka asked told us to call him for his side of a story after one hour. However, subsequent calls went unanswered.

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