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    NBS Bank urges customers to activate Visa Cards before travelling abroad


    NBS Bank Head of Marketing and Customer Experience Tamanda Longwe

    Listed NBS Bank plc has urged its customers to activate their Visa Debit cards before travelling abroad to enjoy convenient and stressless banking services.

    In a statement, the Bank said convenience is guaranteed through the ‘Eazy Banking’ package.

    “Visa Debit cards work like cash, only better. They are issued by the Bank and use funds directly from customers’ bank accounts. Accepted worldwide, NBS Bank Visa Debit cards offer quick, secure, and convenient access to money in person, online, overseas and over the phone.”

    “They allow our customers to enjoy the convenience of paying directly from their accounts, with the daily international ATM withdrawal limit at $500 USD on all cards; Point of sale/ Online daily limit of $100 for the red and silver cards, and $300 for Gold and Platinum cards, with all the security that Visa provides,” said NBS Bank Head of Marketing and Customer Experience Tamanda Longwe.

    She said NBS Bank customers that are travelling out of the country can access their funds at thousands of ATMs and Point-Of-Sale (POS) machines worldwide and can make purchases anytime and anywhere that Visa cards are accepted with top-notch security features.

    “Our cards come with an overall monthly limit of $1,000 for our red and silver cards and $3,000 for the gold and platinum cards. To increase limits, we encourage our customers to apply and present valid travel documents through their nearest Service Centre or Account Relationship Manager,” explained Longwe.

    Longwe said additionally, the Bank has other digital services from which their customers can continue to experience convenience such as EazyMobile322, EazyWallet and EazyApp which offer services like bill payments including Road Traffic, ESCOM, various waterboards and DSTV payments.

    One of NBS Bank customers Alfred Phiri hailed the bank on the initiative saying he used his cards when he travelled out of the country without any problems after failing to get hard currency forex.

    “I had problems getting hard currency forex but I just activated my cards with NBS and travelled out of the country where I could withdraw cash and pay for my bills and shopping using my NBS Bank cards. This is very convenient especially now when we are facing forex challenges,” said Phiri.

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