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    NBM in new independence campaign


    After successfully celebrating Independence Day with various initiatives last year, National Bank of Malawi (NBM) plc returns to celebrate this year’s 59 years of independence with a new campaign for customers and staff.

    NBM Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager, Akossa Hiwa said in an interview that the campaign will run on three dimensions, namely the customer engagement, social media engagement, and staff participation and interaction, as people honour the country’s heritage, reflect on the struggles, and sacrifices of their ancestors, and celebrate the freedom and independence they enjoy today.

    “With a series of  trivia questions spanning Malawi’s history and culture, National Bank of Malawi will reward those who demonstrate exceptional knowledge and celebrate the nation’s progress. The Bank will make an official announcement about the upcoming trivia event, which will also include the theme song and an indication that some of the trivia questions will be developed from the theme song. This will help to create a memorable experience that fosters the sense of pride and patriotism among customers.”

    NBM employee Kassandra Kauka (left) presents a surprise gift to a customer

    “The Bank also seeks to educate and remind customers about Malawi’s journey to independence, significant historical events, and notable national figures. The trivia and accompanying information will provide customers with interesting facts and stories allowing them to appreciate, recall, and celebrate the country’s rich heritage,” explained Hiwa.

    According to Hiwa, the other dimensions which are customer and staff engagement, will involve the Bank providing gifts to random customers in selected Service Centres and at ATMs led by the Executive Management and employees.

    “We seek to engage with and get feedback from our customers on service delivery and other pain points. This is in line with our strategic intent of growing our customer base significantly by December 2027. A few customers will have their branded gifts personally delivered to them by NBM Plc Brand Ambassadors or employees who will move from office to office. Selection criteria for this includes usage of Digital Platforms as well as length of time that customer accounts have been operational,” said Hiwa.

    Winners of the trivia questions will take home K100, 000 for each correct answer they give.

    Last year, NBM also conducted online trivia, apart from the flag hoisting, donning National attire, and putting on a fashion show parade for internal engagement.

    NBM Head of Corporate Banking William Chatsala (right) presents a gift to a customer

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