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    NBM donates K91 million to QECH for cancer equipment


    National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has donated K91 million to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) towards the purchase of a chemistry analyzer that will help treat cancer quickly in children.

    In his speech after presenting a symbolic cheque to the Ministry of Health and QECH through Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda on Tuesday, NBM Chief Executive Officer Macfussy Kawawa said the donation is a significant milestone in the Bank’s journey of making meaningful corporate social investments.   

    “This high-tech equipment will contribute significantly to diagnosing and treating children with cancer here at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, and it symbolizes our commitment to improving the healthcare infrastructure in Malawi. It may be a small step, but we believe it is a very meaningful one, toward the effort of ensuring that every child in this nation has access to the care they deserve.”

    “Let this donation also be a testament to the fact that corporate success is not just about the profits we report but also about the positive change we can bring to the world around us. This is our philosophy at NBM,” said Kawawa.

    In her remarks, Kandodo Chiponda commended NBM plc for clearly demonstrating being the ‘Bank of the Nation’ by coming forward with the donation.

    “This is a timely donation as you are aware that the burden of cancer in Malawi is quite high, especially among children, you cannot give proper treatment if you can’t diagnose properly. That is why diagnosis is a very important step in the treatment of any disease, not just cancer.”

    “The help from National Bank is going to assist us in getting this state-of-the-art equipment which will help a lot in the diagnosis of cancers in children and help the hospital treat the children properly,” said Chiponda.   

    In the past, NBM also helped the referral hospital by refurbishing the Orthopedics and TB wards. 

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