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    MLS asked to probe bogus ‘lawyer’ Mc Lean Mkandawire


    A group under the banner Concerned Northerners has asked the Malawi Law Society to probe ‘bogus’ lawyer McLean Mkandawire.

    According to sources, Mkandawire was an associate Lawyer to Mustapher Amidu.

    The concerned group says the bogus lawyer Mkandawire was caught pants down in town issuing suspicious lawsuits under different law firms such as Atkin Chambers.

    However, the sole owner of Altkin Chambers is on suspension and Mkandawire was not supposed to run the film since he is just two years in practice.

    “He is busy filing law suits sometimes under Altin chambers and you sometimes under MN Patrick’s. This is so shocking,” said leader for the concerned group.

    The publication understands that his Licence is renewed under MN Patrick’s but he is not either on the letter head as a partner or an associates, but he keeps on serving people with summons for either these two law firms.

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