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    KALINDO HITS BACK: Describes Undule Mwakasungula’s Hands Full Of “Stained Blood”


    Following the accusation that former human rights activist Undule Mwakasungula made against social- political activist Bon Kalindo for calling him a blackmailer, Kalindo has released a thunder- bout audio release where he is accusing Mwakasungula as someone whose hands are “full of blood’ following the death of twenty people who died in 2011 during late Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika.

    In Nation Newspaper of 25, Mwakasungula is accusing Kalindo as someone with no strategy and his aim is to milk government money through blackmail.

    His accusations have landed on a “live wire” where Kalindo has described Mwakasungula’s outbursts as coming out from an “outdated and frustrated paid up human rights coup plotter.”

    “Mr Mwakasungula, your relevance is over. You had your time where you wanted to ‘overthrow’ Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government during Bingu era after getting money funder.”

    Kalindo further says Mwakasungula’s demonstration of 2011 led to number of deaths where 20 people from the Northern region died.

    Kalindo has quashed the assertion that he is receiving money from Vice President Chilima to do the demonstrations saying Malawians are suffering and are in urgent need of reminding government of its constitutional obligations to protect them from the social and financial problems.

    “Let me inform Mwakasungula that come January, demonstrations will be back and first place to do the demonstration is Karonga, coincidentally it’s where Mwakasungula home District.

    The man of the moment Kalindo has also accused Mwakasungula of getting kickbacks from government to silence him through “paid up news outlets’ a thing that he has described a futile journey.

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