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    Castel Group CEO hails Castel Malawi’s resilience 


    By Benjamin Maona, a contributor 

    Clerc (left) discusses with Reynaud at Makata Brewery yesterday

    Castel Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Gregory Clerc has praised Castel Malawi for its remarkable resilience and innovative spirit in the face of economic challenges. 

    Clerc and other directors visited the country for a business outlook of Castel Malawi, one of the French-based Castel Group’s subsidiaries.

    “The level of expertise and commitment expressed by the Castel Malawi team is truly commendable. For instance, introducing Pomme Breeze and the strategic planning underway for Sorghum Beer will continue to help improve Castel Malawi’s business.”

    “These initiatives underscore our proactive approach to meeting consumer demands and driving volume, even in the middle of the challenging times Malawi is currently facing,” said Clerc. 

    Castel Malawi’s Managing Director, Thomas Reynaud acknowledged the challenges the giant brewer faced last year, including currency devaluation and natural disasters. 

    Reynaud, however, emphasized the company’s focus on three key pillars namely compliance, identity, and innovation.

    “Castel’s reputation was significantly compromised in recent years, necessitating collective efforts to improve it. I am proud to say we have made considerable progress as we have enhanced the corporate brand reputation as well as promoting our corporate image through initiatives like the Castel Challenge Cup,” he stated. 

    He further underscored the importance of innovation as a leading alcoholic beverage in the country.  

    “The survival of our organization hinges on our ability to innovate. We have witnessed first-hand the effectiveness of innovation through different internal projects.”

    “However, we must push further, with initiatives like the successful launch of Pomme Breeze and our next ambitious project, Sapitwa Sorghum Beer. This groundbreaking product, made primarily from local ingredients, will position us as market leaders and fill us with pride,” explained Reynaud.

    With unwavering support from the Castel Group and a team dedicated to excellence, Castel Malawi stands poised to navigate future challenges and emerge as an even stronger force in the Malawian market, according to Reynaud. 

    Through continued innovation, a commitment to ethical practices, and a focus on positive social impact, Castel Malawi is well-positioned to not only overcome obstacles but also contribute significantly to the country’s economic development and social well-being.

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