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    What Midwives Want Study A Game Changer- WRA


    As one way of finding lasting solutions to challenges faced by Midwives in the country, White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) has launched a study known as What Midwives Want which will target five thousand Midwives.

    WRA Executive Director , Hester Nyasulu said the MK7 Million What Midwives Want study will give a room to Midwives in the country to voice out their concerns thereby creating a conducive working atmosphere.

    “In Malawi we have challenges, our maternal mortality ratio is very high, and most of our women are dying while giving birth yet 91 percent of women who are pregnant are delivering in the health facilities.

    “It is clear that there are challenges in health facilities and we need to talk to those on the ground in this case our midwives to understand and come up with proper ways of dealing with the challenges” said Nyasulu

    He said the study would like to find out the challenges that are there in the health facilities so that they can collectively address them.

    He added that mainly the study will be online where nurses and midwives will be asked to respond to the questions as such they urged all nurses to welcome it  and participate.

    He said after the study they will engage key stakeholders, government who will assist in solving the challenges.

    The White Ribbon Alliance will conduct the study in partnership with Association of Malawian Midwives (AMAMI).

    Vice President of AMAMI Daniel Kawaye said it is every important campaign because it is platform where midwives will be able to share the challenges that they meet in their work.

    “We are very grateful to white ribbon alliance for the support because this is the first study in the country that has considered hearing the voices of the midwives.

    “We believe that after this study  we will be able to come up with a solution to the challenges that midwives face and also be able to reduce the maternal death which is the main purpose,” he said.-(By Ireen Kayira, Contributor)

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