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    PLOT GONE WRONG: Muluzi appeared before ACB as a mere witness not suspect


    Anti-corruption Bureau Director Martha Chizuma has told Former UDF President Atupele Muluzi that she was summoning him to appear before the bureau not as a suspect, but to give a witness statement on investigations into the sale of the two plots that are suspected to have been sold illegally at Bwaila in Lilongwe when he was serving as Minister of Lands.

    She was speaking yesterday at the Anti-Corruption Bureau offices in Lilongwe when Muluzi appeared before the bureau.

    Chizuma told Muluzi that investigations into the sale of the two plots cannot be complete without his statement as he was minister then and that investigations are on-going until the bureau concludes the matter.

    Malawi Voice broke news of an impending arrest for the former President’s son after being tipped by reliable sources On Saturday 5th November, that ACB’s Director Martha Chizuma had been receiving pressure from Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to get Muluzi on the list of corrupt politicians but she has been taking her sweet time which was not going down well with the MCP hierarchy.

    According to Muluzi’s lawyer Jai Banda who accompanied Muluzi to the questioning, the former UDF president narrated to the ACB the procedure which one follows when acquiring land and that as Minister his job was to approve land applications which have complied with the law and disapprove those that have not complied with the law.

    Muluzi told the bureau that as minister, one is not signatory to any offer letters made to land applicants as that authority lies in the hands of the Commissioner of Lands.

    Muluzi’s questioning which was expected to start at 2pm was delayed by almost an hour and half after his supporters and sympathizers blocked the entrance to the bureau demanding that Muluzi would only enter the premises when real corruption suspects who have benefited from corrupt proceeds and the of taxpayer’s money are summoned first.

    The supporters accused the bureau of applying selective justice and victimizing their leader.

    A visibly frustrated Muluzi accompanied by his wife Angella had to return to his vehicle twice as the supporters wrestled against his security detail to deny him entry into the ACB premises. It was only after he addressed them that they cleared the entrance for him to go in.

    Later on, speaking to hundreds of people that gathered at Lizulu Market on his way to his Area 3 residence, Muluzi warned the ACB to desist from being used by politicians to victimize innocent people.

    “Let them investigate, and investigate and investigate….they will not find anywhere that Atupele has been involved in any corrupt dealing or stealing a penny that belongs to Malawians,” Said Muluzi adding that he is a leader who believes in the rule of law and service to the people.

    Muluzi further warned the Tonse government that they should brace for change as Malawians are tired of leaders who instead of providing solutions to people’s problems spend their time playing golf, saying such leaders are not serious with the welfare of Malawians.

    Several renowned human rights activists in Malawi namely Bon Kalindo, Redson Munlo, Levi Luwemba and Billy Banda attended the Muluzi summoning in solidarity.

    This is not first time for the Muluzi family to be persecuted. Atupele’s father Bakili Muluzi was also charged over seven times on cooked up charges.

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