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    Nigerian Joe Boy In Malawi for Lifest


    Nigerian Well known artist Joe Boy and South African Shakinah have arrived in the country to spice up the Lifest which is scheduled to take place at Lilongwe Golf Club starting tomorrow.

    The Two together with Chris Martin will headline the Lifest show and they will share the stage with local artists.

    Speaking during his arrival on Thursday in Lilongwe the Nigeria artist said his fans should expect good vibes as well as amazing tunes.

    “This will be my first time to perform my latest hit song alcohol  ,first time ever and I guess performing it  here in Malawi it is very special to me and thank you  for having me  and going expect   the show to be fun and lit .

    The key reason for the Lifest is promotion of the mental health as such Nigerian ‘Nobody’ hit maker said mental issues are everywhere and when this comes people should just take it easy  .

    “I know it seems like a problem that will not end at that time but there is always something to be grateful for that will keep us going and   just try talk to somebody about that issue you are having.

     “There is always that person you trust who you can always talk to don’t be afraid to speak out and don’t keep it inside of you and be strong physically,” he said.

    Other than Music the Nigerian Star said he is looking forward to explore the country more especially the lake and the food.

     South African song bird Shakina who arrived at the same time with Joe Boy said she is excited to sing at the show and has prepared a lot for his fans.

    “We have rehearsed a lot for the show and we will give the patrons nothing but the best,”   She said.

     The South African song bird Shekinah advised those going through mental health issues to remain strong.

    “You’ve made it another day and every day choose yourself because it is worth it,” she said.

    Coordinator for Lifest Mayamiko Kalumo said everything for the show is set as all preparations are done.- (By Ireen Kayira, Contributor)

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